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  • GRI-9106-R-CH4 Intelligent Fixed CH4 Gas Transmitter Module detector
GRI-9106-R-CH4 Intelligent Fixed CH4 Gas Transmitter Module detector
Product Type:
Product Category: Fixed Gas Detector W/Display

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Product Description

Product Description

GRI-9106-IR-CH4 adopted module type design, used our company design, R&D NDIR sensor technology, integrated explosive-proof structure, fixed installation, instrument no need calibrate on site, intelligent sensor can plug&play, NDIR sensor used the best light source and probe.  By using multi-point temperature compensation and linear compensation calibrate to ensure the instrument rapid response, measurement precision, stable performance, good repeatability. the instrument has a three-wire, 4 ~ 20mA analog and RS485 digital signal output, optional programmable switching output modules to facilitate system networking and maintenance.

Main Feature


Using self-developed high-precision infrared gas sensor

 Modular structure, easy maintenance, easy to install wiring;

 GRI intelligent sensor platform, can plug and play, no on-site calibration;

 Fast response, high accuracy, stable detection equipment;

 Ex certified, protection class IP66, high corrosion resistance, anti-electromagnetic interference;


Special Feature

Sensor range, to meet customer requirements;

 Intelligent sensor platform, can plug and play off standard Cong;

 LCD real-time display of gas concentration, there are instrument status, fault and communication error prompts;

 You can set high and low alarm point, two levels sound and light alarm;

 Two relays to control peripheral devices (such as fans and sound and light alarm) action;

 Product selection Material excellent, with good sealing, corrosion resistance, explosion-proof and anti-magnetic interference is strong;

 Instrument with 4-20MA output and RS-485 output.

 it can with GRI-8000 series and the GRI-9800 series alarm host network use;

 it can With a single point of alarm host networking, every point matching, bit combinations;


Packaging & Shipping

1. Standard neutral packing.

2, Inner OPP Bubble bags to protect the sensor.

3, Package Size: Approx 27cm*27cm*15cm, for your refference only.

4, Will with the Shipping Mark.