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  • 0-30000PPM O3 Ozone Gas Sensor Module
0-30000PPM O3 Ozone Gas Sensor Module
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Product Category: Gas Module

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GRI Instrument, the professional manufature of gas sensor and gas detector since 2009.


Our office and factory are both located in Hunan Changsha, China, Welcome to China, and welcome to our company.


We aim at suppy the Excellent quality, best service products.


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Product Description

1) The module can measure low and high concentrations of gas measurement;
2) module using international best amplifier and 24-bit ADC, and therefore high module accuracy, resolution is good;
3) module using international best power processing devices to protect the module accuracy and anti-jamming;

4) The module can be used multi-point calibration mode, to protect the measuring range of the high line is good;
5) module with high precision low temperature drift of the device, the same time a -20 to 50 degrees warming program, to protect the small drift;
6) Module installation site offers: diffusion type, pump-priming, flanges, threaded four possible installation mode;
7) module size, can be adapted to the customer directly to the application or use of the second development;
8) modules adaptable, able to adapt to all the electrochemical gas sensor without bias voltage