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  • portable CO detector carbon monoxide alarm
portable CO detector carbon monoxide alarm
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WASP-XM-E- Pump-priming Portable Gas Detector is a continuous monitoring of a variety of single gas
detection equipment. This product is suitable for environmental monitoring, industrial production and other
harmful gases working environment, which can effectively protect the health and safety of staff is not

Detecting gas: CO,H2S,O2,NO2,NO,SO2,CL2.... and other combustible gas simultaneously;

Portable multi gas detector with a large lCD;

The instrument features two instant alarms with audio/visual and vibratory indicators,rechargeable battery, and simple use.


This is European standard gas detector.

Main Feature

1)Intelligent Probe design;convenient calibration and maintenance;
2)Fault, Warning, operator error, alarm will be smart tips;
3)Built-in CF calibration coefficients (VOC measurements only valid);
4)With audible alarm, visual alarm function, the status bar also displays alarm status;
5)Full-color 3.5-inch TFT screen, color LCD display and intuitive;
6)Can be both digital and curve display of gas concentration in two ways;
7)With USB communication port, you can speed 9600 bytes to communicate directly with the computer;
8)With test record function, can store a month's measurement data and instrument or computer can view the
data;Memory capacity is 2M,can store more than 90,000 pieces of data.
9)With alarm recording function, you can record the last four times the alarm time and type;
10)With calibration record; can record the last four times the size of the calibration time span;
11)High-capacity lithium battery-powered, rechargeable, low battery automatic shutdown;
12)Can be set high reported, underreporting, TWA, STEL, shutdown time, pump speed, etc.;
13)Indicate way : LCD display real-time concentration ,LED ,buzzer alarm .


Petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, environmental, paper, paints, coatings, mining, electroplating,
textile, coking plants, indoor air quality monitoring, environmental monitoring systems, health monitoring systems.  Can be measured gas species: CH2O, TVOC, CO, H2S, NO2, NO, SO2, CL2, NH3, H2, PH3, O3, F2, HF, HCL, HBR, C2H4O, COCL2, SIH4, CLO2, HCN, C2H4, SF6 and combustible gases.