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  • Wall-mounted CO2 Carbon Dioxide Gas Monitor
Wall-mounted CO2 Carbon Dioxide Gas Monitor
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Product Description

Product Description


According to the specific needs of customers, CO2 monitoring controller can be divided into one and split controller, the body of the controller is sealed, designed to measure carbon dioxide in harsh and humid environments, it uses dustproof and waterproof housing, compliance with IP65 protection standards. The controller can be replaced Probe, after swap probe , no need to calibration and adjustment. These probes can be installed directly on the controller housing, or via a cable installed in hard to reach places, or installation high CO2 concentration hazardous area

Probe corresponding concentration as follows:






0-500 ppm,0-2000 ppm,0-5000 ppm,0-10,000ppm



Main Features


Designed for real-time monitoring environmental CO2 concentration and temperature, humidity

Built-in NDIR infrared CO2 sensor with self-checking function and temperature and humidity compensation

Large-screen LCD display various parameters intuitively

Tri-color backlit LCD, provides visual warning function

Product design integration and split body adapted to a variety of environmental monitoring and control

has Industrial output 4-20mA current output and RS485 network output

It comes with two relay control output

wide valtage 9-24VDC power supply

EU standard, CE certification

Real-time monitoring and control of carbon dioxide concentration

Self-developed high-precision CO2 sensor

Range can be chosen, choose convenience

It provides three analog outputs and two relay outputs

With RS485 communication can monitor and control network

IP65 protection rating against dust and water sputtering