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  • TVOC online air quality monitoring system and also produce ambient air quality monitor carbon monoxi
TVOC online air quality monitoring system and also produce ambient air quality monitor carbon monoxi
Product Type:
Product Category: Online TVOC Gas Analyzer

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Product Description

Product Details


1)Detecting gas: TVOC.
2)filter water vapour and dust
3)GPRS transmit to data center
4)with control output to control outside external devices

5)with CFC coefficient,can detect any concentration of VOC


Main Feature

1) GRI-1800-TVOC online gas detector Core processor uses advanced ARM Cortex M3 (32-bit), which
make the processing performance more stable and efficient;
2) Wide, large LCD display clarity (dot matrix LCD), tri-color backlit prompt different states;
3) Four function keys, sensitive, fast (confirmed, return, up and down, left and right);
4) adopted Electro-chemical sensors, ADC uses 24 high-precision chip;
5) pump-priming Sampling way,and control and display flow rate by rotameter; (optional, with no
positive pressure pump, vacuum with pump)
6) MCU memory to store max 500 historical data;
7) the Communication way to connected to the host computer is RS485;
8) Audible alarm so you can not ignore the prompt;
9) Compatible with conventional control output: 4 ~ 20mA current one-way, two-way relay, sound and
light alarm output;
10)Compatible software and hardware calibration.







indoor air quality monitoring(TVOC)

TWA and STEL monitoring

Air pollution monitoring

Environmental Cleanliness detection

confined space admittance monitoring

resolver/menstruum monitoring

Petroleum refining safety and health inspection

Industrial spray paint monitoring

grain/wood/tobacco fumigation







Product Parameters
Power input: 12VDC
screem: LCD dot matrix, tricolor backlight
sensor type: optical
gas type : TVOC
sampling way: pump type
gas range : optional
precision: ≤±5%FS
resolution : optional
repeatability: ≤±2%FS
zero drift : ≤±2%FS/6h
span drift : ≤±5%FS/6h
response time: T90≤30
output signal: RS485 digital signal ( connect with the industrial host have the GRI software to PC)
control output: Two level alarm relay
contact capacity: 0VDC/1A
Key: four function key, operate sensitive, fast ( OK, return, up and down, left and right key)
indicate: 3 ( power- green, alarm--red, fault: yellow)
interface: 84*45mm
housing dimension: 190*120*200mm
operate temperature: -20 to 70 centigrade
operate humidity: 20 to 950%RH ( no condensing)
sensor life: sensor( 1 to 2 year), Instrument ( 10 years)
communication protocol: FAD2.3