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  • Portable Multi Gas Detector China Manufacturer
Portable Multi Gas Detector China Manufacturer
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Product Category: Portable Multi Gas Detector

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Product Description

Product Description

WASP-D4 gas analyzer a multi gas detector, it can be made for 4 type gas. ,safe and reliable, can provide security for staff who under the poisonous gases in hazardous environments.



Main Features



·Small size, light weight, easy to carry.

·High accuracy, short response time, wide measurement range

·Large-screen color LCD graphic display, more comfortable and humane

·English menu display

·USB rechargeable lithium battery, long life, fast and easy charging

·Built-in large capacity memory, can store large amounts of measurement data

·Powerful sound and light alarm, vibration alarm variety of alarm mode

·Water and dust-proof, explosion proof, rugged enclosure drop resistance protection, high degree of protection

·Support USB and the upper machine communications, the upper machine Calibration

·Warning lights flashing, convenient to work in the dark

·PPM and mg/m³switch,convenient user to reading




   Product type:  Diffused toxic gas detector with data storage

   dimension:     138*80*42mm

   Weight:        300g

   Measurement Type: More than 20 kinds of toxic gases, the sensor can be replaced

   battery:         Built-in rechargeable lithium battery

   Operate time:   full power longer than 8 hours

   Charging time:  less than 4 hours

   Display     :       TFT color screen

   Alarm method:    Sound alarm, the red LED lights alarm, vibration alarm

   Keyboard :        4 keys

   Sampling way:    diffusion

   date record:     30 seconds interval can be stored more than four months of record

   calibrate:       2 Point calibration, calibration values can be set

   Operating temperature:   -20--60 ℃

   Operating humidity:   0-95% relative humidity,(non-condensing)

   Warranty:        1 year





The detector is suitable for explosion-proof, toxic gas leakage and rescue, underground pipelines, mines, metallurgy, power plants, chemicals, tunnels, etc., effectively avoiding the occurrence of poisoning accidents, ensuring the safety of workers and avoiding losses of production equipment.