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  • PID VOC Gas sensor 0-200ppm
PID VOC Gas sensor 0-200ppm
Product Type:
Product Category: NDIR Infrared Gas Sensor

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Product Description

Product Description


 1) The module can measure low and high concentrations of gas measurement;
    2) module using international best amplifier and 24-bit ADC, and therefore high module accuracy, resolution is good;
    3) module using international best power processing devices to protect the module accuracy and anti-jamming;
    4) The module can be used multi-point calibration mode, to protect the measuring range of the high line is good;
    5) module with high precision low temperature drift of the device, the same time a -20 to 50 degrees warming program, to protect the small drift;
    6) Module installation site offers: diffusion type, pump-priming, flanges, threaded four possible installation mode;
    7) module size, can be adapted to the customer directly to the application or use of the second development;
    8) modules adaptable, able to adapt to all the electrochemical gas sensor without bias voltage


Main Feature

1.    Module detects a non-dispersive infrared principle (NDIR) detection technology;


2.    Pipeline and expansion modules are divided into single type detection methods;


3.    Module is divided into the optical path of the optical path of 80mm and 40mm, with customers customized according to needs;


4.    Module is divided into low range and high range precision accuracy choice;


5.    Module has built-in temperature and external temperature compensation to ensure detection accuracy;